• Mineral Resources
  • Energy Resources
  • Logistics
  • Petrochemicals Products


  • Petroleum Products Bulk Buyers



      –Aviation Gasoline,

      –Bio Fuels,

      –Jet Fuel,

      –Liquefied Petroleum Gas,

      –Paraffin, Lubricants, etc.

  • Mines,
  • Logistics Companies,
  • Government,
  • Companies and Individual bulk buyers.

Value Proposition

  • Reliability in all products distribution.
  • Bulk discounts – dependant on quantity.
  • Job creation especially to previously disadvantage communities.
  • Convenience
  • Products directly from originator.
  • Exceptional leadership.
  • Solid industry credentials and networks.
  • Cost-effective distribution structures.
  • In order to lead and grow the new enterprise, Amamboma Holdings is backed by sound expertise and relevant management experience
  • We are destined to become a key distributor and supplied by a reputable upstream manufacturers.
  • Fully BEE compliant.